About us

“But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. ”

(1 Timothy 3:15)

The History of Revival Baptist Church

    In 1990-1991 there were evangelism Мачинчкий Ярослав Леонтьевич был рукоположен на служение пресвитера, 1992г. programs in Kiev. Having spiritual hanger crowds of people went to evangelism. Many of them accepted Christ and left cards with their names and addresses. At that time a future pastor of Revival Baptist Church wrote hundreds of letters with invitation for Bible studies. This is how a Bible class began in the rented room of Khrushchov’s dacha in 1991. There were four groups for adults and children.
    In a year, on July,18, 1992 the first baptism was held. 18 июля 1992 года состоялось первое крещение. Ten believers were baptized and that is the date that can be considered as the Birthday of Revival Baptist Church. The Church has grown since then. During first several years we rented a room for services in the children club “Dzherelo”, near Svyatoshino metro station.

    In 1996 God answered our prayers about construction of the House of Prayer. A piece of land was found and blessed. The construction started in Spring of 1997. On October 8, 2000 there was a grand opening and dedication of the new House of Prayer at Sadova St., 66.

   Since 1993 the church has been involved into children camps and VBS for children and youth, conferences for spiritual encouragement and growth for church members. In 1996 we began a ministry of AWANA club. Nowadays, there are 10 Sunday school classes for all ages, there is a class for the deaf as well. Our church is active at missionary field. A daughter Grace Church was found at Troyeshchina. There is missionary work at Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka, village churches in Kukhari and Karashin. Over recent years our church has been serving in Polyskiy and Ivankov regions of Chernobyl zone. Today we have around 400 children and teenagers at Emmaus Correspondence Bible School and the course “Love, dating and marriage”. We take part in social programs at schools. The goal of Revival Baptist Church is to preach the Gospel to those who do not know the Lord as well as personal spiritual development of believers in Christian faith and life.